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What is the Transcultural Caravan?

We believe that tolerance and a willingness to resolve conflict is necessary but not sufficient to meet twenty-first century’s economic, political, cultural, and other challenges. What we need is a new type of leadership and the capacity to cooperate as well as to define globally shared interests and values!

Therefore, we have designed an extraordinary project encouraging research, a worldwide dialogue, and the spread of sustainable ideas for our common future: the Transcultural Caravan a hub of global thinking.

Our Topics

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  • Transcultural Leadership Summit 2018

    The TLS is a student-organized event led by Prof Dr Josef Wieland, that shall take place for the third time in fall 2018. The Summit aims to answer questions of transcultural leadership and cooperation in the context of global value creation – in 2018 with a focus on the emerging country Brazil!

  • Past: Discovering Interdisciplinarity – Transcultural Research Group Symposium

    This Fall Semester, an international group of seven students kicked-off a Transcultural Research Group (TRG) on “Transculturality or Hybridity? The Case of Hong Kong”. This TRG combines not only these seven students but also the perspectives of six countries, five disciplines and four Zeppelin University study programs. It therefore serves as an excellent example of…

  • Past: Transcultural Leadership Summit 2017

    For the second time now, we are co-hosting the Transcultural Leadership Summit. This year, we welcome Sub-Saharan Africa for our regional focus and address topics such as solutions for the globalization of value chains, the ethics of African leadership, urbanism and its potential, success stories of African start-ups and many more. Like last year, we…


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»There can be no culture except where there is some consensus. Consensus is a matter of understanding. It is transmitted through communication, through example and through participation in a common life.«

Robert Ezra Park, est. early 1920s