Symposium + Summit 2018

Let’s rethink and shape


the world we share!


What is the Transcultural Caravan?

We believe that tolerance and a willingness to resolve conflict is necessary but not sufficient to meet twenty-first century’s economic, political, cultural, and other challenges. What we need is a new type of leadership and the capacity to cooperate as well as to define globally shared interests and values!

Therefore, we have designed an extraordinary project encouraging research, a worldwide dialogue, and the spread of sustainable ideas for our common future: the Transcultural Caravan a hub of global thinking.

Our Topics

Explore current topics in the context of our undertaking.


Gain challenging insights!

  • Application Deadline | TSRG Relational Leadership

    You can apply to our TSRG to Brazil until the 14th of April, 11:59 pm.

  • Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil | Kick-Off

    Our caravan moves on! On Wednesday the 27th of March, we invite interested ZU students of all programmes to join our kick-off event for our TSRG Brazil. At this event we will announce detailed information about the fieldtrip to Brazil, the research project and participation possibilities.

  • Fieldtrip Transcultural Research Group HDI Uganda

    In our Uganda fieldtrip we will visit the Hope Development Initiative in Kampala, in their rural communities and various of its stakeholders. We will conduct many interesting interviews to advance the individual research projects of the group members that will together answer our overarching question about transculturality and the Hope Development Initiative.


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»There can be no culture except where there is some consensus. Consensus is a matter of understanding. It is transmitted through communication, through example and through participation in a common life.«

Robert Ezra Park, est. early 1920s