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»In sharing the same economy the relations which were merely cooperative and economic become social and cultural.«

Robert Ezra Park, 1928

Our brand new book!
»Transculturality – Leadership, Management and Governance«
We are thrilled to release our brand new book on transcultural perspectives in leadership-, management-, and governance issues!

This volume is the result of our global essay competition that we conducted in 2015, the #TCCCallforPapers. Therefore, this book features the winning essays by researchers from all over the world – e.g. from countries such as Mexico, Russia, and Liechtenstein. The essays underwent a rigorous selection process. In addition, this book includes contributions by Prof. Josef Wieland and other well-renowned scholars.

The book allows for reflections on values and capabilities necessary in order to face present and future challenges from a transcultural perspective. Findings include that past academic approaches to leadership have dominantly dealt with intra-organizational issues in a mono-cultural environment.

Today organizations operate within multi-cultural settings determined not only by organizational culture. Therefore, we need globally accepted ethical norms and legal rules for economic activity. Transculturality can serve as a common bond in decision-making processes regarding these crucial issues.

More information on the publisher’s website.

»Transculturality – Leadership, Management and Governance«
200 pages | 29,80 EUR | ISBN 978-3-7316-1244-5200
Publisher: Metropolis - Verlag für Ökonomie, Gesellschaft und Politik
Josef Wieland and Klaus M. Leisinger

Part I Conceptual Introduction

Josef Wieland
Transculturality and Economic Governance

Dominik Fischer and Josef Wieland
Some Aspects of Transculturality

Lennart Brand
Transculturality and the Formation of the Transcultural Sphere

Part II Essays

1. Leadership

Marco Bitschnau and Max Radzanowski
Overcoming the Horror Vacui: The Rediscovering of Leadership in the Face of the European Refugee Crisis

Patrick Lühlow
Global Corporate Governance Regime

Michael Ganslmeier
The Introduction of the European Monetary Union: How Political Managers and Political Leaders Decide in Transcultural Contexts

Tim Robert Schleicher
The Transcultural Leader. A Study Resulting in Five Core Statements

2. Management

Ulrike Bronner and Clarissa Reikersdorfer
Urban Nomads: Permanently Temporary

Marco Möhrer
Migration, Uncertainty and Transculturalism

Aidin Ahmadi
What will be the CulturalIimpact of Japanese Companies Reaching Out for Global Talent?

3. Governance

Kirill Krainov
'Homeless' Global Nomads and What They Bring Us

Natalya Tarasova
Conflict and Unity are Seen as Natural Satellites of International Communication

Maximilian Mylius and Nora Tischmann
Small Islands - Big Impact? Foreign Trade and its Qualities for Transnational Cooperation. An Analysis on the Example of the Island Dispute in the East China Sea

José Luis Paulin Correa
Mexico, Thailand and Germany: How Can the Leaders of these Three Countries Find Ethical Strategies to Cooperate and Solve the Global Refugee Crises

The book was introduced at this year's Transcutural Leadership Summit. At the summit, the winners of our the global #TCCCallforPapers constituted the Transcultural Caravan Knowledge Pool. We are proud to feature their essays in this volume.
  • Application Deadline | TSRG Relational Leadership

    You can apply to our TSRG to Brazil until the 14th of April, 11:59 pm.

  • Relational Leadership – Case Studies from Brazil | Kick-Off

    Our caravan moves on! On Wednesday the 27th of March, we invite interested ZU students of all programmes to join our kick-off event for our TSRG Brazil. At this event we will announce detailed information about the fieldtrip to Brazil, the research project and participation possibilities.

  • Fieldtrip Transcultural Research Group HDI Uganda

    In our Uganda fieldtrip we will visit the Hope Development Initiative in Kampala, in their rural communities and various of its stakeholders. We will conduct many interesting interviews to advance the individual research projects of the group members that will together answer our overarching question about transculturality and the Hope Development Initiative.


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»There can be no culture except where there is some consensus. Consensus is a matter of understanding. It is transmitted through communication, through example and through participation in a common life.«

Robert Ezra Park, est. early 1920s