Transculturality and Community

Uganda and the Hope Development Initiative

How can the concept of transculturality be applied to the work of the Hope Development Initiative, helping women farmers in Uganda?

Uganda_TRG_Leadership under the mango tree

The starting point of this research project was the talk of Dr. Agnes Atim Apea, founder and CEO of the Hope Development Initiative (HDI), at the Transcultural Leadership Summit 2017 at Zeppelin University. At this Summit on “Learning about Sub-Saharan Africa”, Dr. Apea presented her work with the HDI to the audience. Her talk gave spontaneously rise to ideas on how to take her thoughts further within the context of transcultural research.

As a social-entrepreneurship initiative, HDI helps women farmers in northern rural Uganda realize their full potential, based upon the values of their communities and their own ambitions. With a view to this purpose, HDI encapsulates several topics relevant for the research agenda pursued by LEIZ, centered upon the notions of culture, leadership and cooperation. As the concept of ‘community’ is an important part of transculturality, we want to examine this concept in the case of the HDI further.


Dr Julika Baumann Montecinos,
Head of “Transcultural Management Studies” at LEIZ and Project Manager of the Transcultural Caravan

Project Manager

Dominik Fischer
Research Fellow
Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ


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»There can be no culture except where there is some consensus. Consensus is a matter of understanding. It is transmitted through communication, through example and through participation in a common life.«

Robert Ezra Park, est. early 1920s